The 2018 Election is around the Corner... What should I do?  Do you want to be stuck with Coleman again? - who raised the BCSO budget by 2million dollars a year? who has several skeletons in his closet? who has no regard for the laws he is sworn to uphold? a man that has publicly stated that he would not stand up for your second amendment rights? 06/15/17

                                                                                DONALD DIXON  MAY 2014
Donald Dixon  
Beaufort County Sheriff
                                   ~    A Sheriff that WILL make our County safer, your freedoms, and your rights!
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* Donald Dixon  01-16-14
                    * Sheriff Candidates Q&A Forum  01-16-14                    
                    * Sheriff Candidates on Protecting your Constitutional Rights! 01-16-14

Two candidates for Sheriff have been in the “insider’s club” while:

*   The jail was allowed to deteriorate, so they could get a new jail

* The number of desk jobs were doubled, then they claim they are overcrowded

* Only some crimes are investigated, unless you are on the "friends list”

* We’ve caught only small time street dealers and few Big Time drug suppliers 

* Crime has been going up while it has declined in neighboring counties

* They spent $5000 to try to collect a $350 gym fee

* They refused to account for how thousands of dollars of “drug buying money” has 
   been used 
                    And the list goes on and on

 If you want this mess to continue you have two to choose from who have shown us their record.

     If you want a change vote for Donald Dixon

     I will make the current jail work

     I will move officers from desks and put them in the field

     I will see that every case is investigated regardless of who the victim is

     I will have the Commissioners appoint a civilian oversight board for the   
     Sheriff’s Office

     I will insure open, honest and efficient law enforcement regardless of who you   

 If you want more of the same, you have two choices that will give you that

 If you want a change, give me a chance by voting Dixon for Sheriff


WDNews Top 10 Stories of the Year: No. 7 – Opposition to new jail surfaces
(scroll to the bottom of page on WDNews story to read my comments)

 A growing number of sheriffs across the nation, and one candidate here
 in Beaufort County,
take a stand on unconstiutional laws

Sheriff Candidate’s Stand on the Second Amendment, Bottom of page.

Donald Dixon Announces that He CAN make the old Jail Work!  Saving the County Millions!

2nd Annual PAL Dinner / Dance -Nov 2013

Dixon VS Meredith - Jail Issue

Dixon Questions Commissioners on Jail - Nov 14, 2013

Dixon to Commissioners: New Jail NOT Needed - Dec 2, 2013


2010 Sheriff WITN Spot

WITN: Donald Dixon Runs for Sheriff... AGAIN!
If "everyone else" wants the job so bad, why is it Dixon is the ONLY ONE
who has been fighting for it?


Sheriff Candidate’s Stand on the Second Amendment

The silence in Beaufort County is almost deafening.  The Feds and “Homeland Security”, under the guise of target practice and training, are buying well over 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammo. An appalling figure, in both sheer numbers and cost, and although few Congressmen have questioned “why”, there have been no real answers.  On top of that, the U.N. wants the USA to sign an arms treaty giving the U.N. control of certain weapons, and Obama and the Democrats wave school shootings at the media calling for gun bans (on guns never or rarely involved in shootings in America). The attack on the Second Amendment and our freedom to own, carry, and defend ourselves (or our families) with a firearm is tireless, the arguments used are so riddled with lies that the main stream media is afraid to “rock the boat” leaving the average citizen without a clue to what the truth really is.

As United States citizens, we have come to depend on our “leaders” to tell the truth and not sugar coat the fact of an issue – good or bad. We blindly trust the media to report the facts, even believing the media would go so far as to checkout their sources before they report to us.  We’ve gone about our daily business and raised our families on fantasies of security without questioning anything.  It’s 2013, we’ve had four years of Obama, and it appears the Clinton’s will never go away, so we know what it’s like to be lied to – yet, we keep electing these people into office (No, Bill did NOT have sex with that woman, and he didn’t inhale either).

Pitt County Sheriff Elks made an attempt at an early stand on Second Amendment Rights a few months ago, which amounted to a bunch of words when put together said very little about anything. There hasn’t been a sound from Beaufort County Sheriff Alan Jordan or any of the early Sheriff candidates on that position besides myself; it seems few people know what questions to ask.  I want to take this opportunity to formally announce my beliefs on the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and our freedoms.

The Constitution of the United States of America has served this country well, so well in fact that because of it, we were the greatest country on Earth for over 200 years. Those who want to weaken the Constitution by saying “it’s a living document, fluid, and should be constantly evolving” or set aside the Constitution because it’s “outdated” are missing the entire reason it is what it is – concrete, solid, non-changing, and immovable. By stating up front that these are the rules we live by, and neither man nor government can deny a free citizen these rights, empowers us as a nation. The Second Amendment is different than other amendments in importance, this one right (that so many carelessly ridicule) may be the one right - that if lost - brings the other rights down.

The Second amendment has nothing to do with hunting or sport shooting; actually, it most likely has nothing to do with self defense, home protection, or even family safety – that should all be assumed. The Second Amendment is about protecting the Constitution, and the ideals of the United States of America that have held us together, and that we send our young men and women into combat to protect, from OUR Government if at any time it becomes controlled by those that wish to tear down and destroy our Constitution, our freedoms. 

Simply stated, as Beaufort County Sheriff, I will take the position many Sheriffs across the great country have taken, I will not take part in any law or policy that is against the Constitution of the United States of America. I will not recognize any Federal policy, or law, or directive to take any one’s weapon (besides a felon or someone mentally incapable) or any forced registration or confiscation of weapons. Any agency, Federal or otherwise, coming in to Beaufort County to enforce any unconstitutional law will be seen as criminal and treated as such.

I am running for Sheriff of the county that I’ve lived in my entire life. I hope that the Constitution of the country is safe and our rights that we’ve all enjoyed are in no danger at all, but what if there are people in our Government that wants to snatch our weapons as a first step to taking other rights?  We cannot be silent. Our leaders and those elected in offices must be questioned on where they stand, they must be required to state their position to our satisfaction – they work for us, and if they are not for us, then they are against us! I’m here for life, and I will fight for our rights.

Donald Dixon        975-2518

                                 Republican Candidate for Sheriff, 2014                                                        

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